Cincinnati Song Initiative

Connecting and enriching communities, song by song.

Cincinnati Song Initiative was founded by Samuel Martin in order to bring a concentrated and cohesive source of art song to the greater Cincinnati area. Dedicated to providing unique experiences through the power of poetry and music, each performance creates a sense of relevance and active engagement between performers and audiences. This is achieved not only through song, but also through spoken dialogue by the artists which provides a context and historical background that helps audiences feel more connected to the repertoire. Concerts take place at different venues throughout the Queen City in order to connect with its many vibrant communities and explore all it has to offer.

At the core of CSI is its innovative programming model: large-scale thematic projects and series that take multiple concerts to complete. Each concert features singers and pianists of national renown, providing an unparalleled level of artistry within the context of an intimate and accessible atmosphere. Furthermore, Cincinnati Song Initiative remains devoted to the innovation of art song, commissioning and premiering new works to help bring the genre into the twenty-first century and connect more closely with today's audiences.